Also it is the truth, on to skolk

Also it is the truth, on to skolk Great biologist Zh.


Fabr gives surprising examples of it.

In summary the go outstanding work he writes that types are obliged the survival of maternal love.

Also it is the truth, on to skolk if the survival depended only on means selfdefenses, developing in the course of fight for it is real stvovaniye as cubs could protect themselves to how they will get them?

After all at little tiger cubs still there are no canines, and at baby birds feathers.

Therefore, for preservations of life and survival of types first of all parental protection of the cubs who do not have is necessary means of protection.

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You would

You would We believe that the reason resistance and the animosity often caused by them in other person it is concluded in that actually they impose him or her acceptance decisions.

Two persons, each of which has a habit to use the similar obstacle for the thoughts, can come eventually to that will be to do what none of them actually do not want.

You would not like to go to cinema?

I do not know.

And you?

I thought that, maybe, you want to go.

Well, and what you would like to look?

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And constantly

And constantly Play games with speech maintenance, for example There is a goat horned.


Remember that intonation with which you sound game actions is very important for the child.

Try to speak emotionally, expressively, note reaction of the baby, encourage its attempts to make various sounds during games.

And constantly talk to the kid, comment on all the actions.

By four months speech of the kid is replenished with new sounds he starts babbling.

When the kid babbles, he not simply says sounds, and sings them, stretches.

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Age: about

Age: about As suitable forms of exercises are offered conversation and role game.

Events should be chosen from the child's life in group, for example: The guest comes.

I go on a visit.

I give something.

I would like to take part in game.

Greeting forms.

Purpose: to pay attention of the child to greeting forms for their intelligent application.

Age: about three years.

Conversation and roleplaying game.

The child and the teacher conduct conversation about greetings.

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Also it is not casual

Also it is not casual The child is more senior, the this resistance becomes more furious, reactions are more brutal, more aggressive here only the teenager, as we know, is always ready to turn the aggression against himself.

Also it is not casual at all that most often to aggressive, to any orientation, behavior of the teenager compels feeling of sincere loneliness and insufficiency of maternal love.

Here and my patient said more than once that feels like in a native family the Cinderella, thinks sometimes that mother and not mother to it at all.

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